Boston University student Sudisha Bhati died in India due to eve teasing culture.

Boston University student Sudisha Bhati died in India due to eve teasing culture.

Bulandshahr youth died in Road rage accident!

News of two bikes in front of Monday morning near Karoura Mustafabad, village of Bulandshahr. In the accident, a student rider died on the spot. Whereas, his brother was seriously injured. The family has alleged that some local guy was roaming and flirting with her from the back in front of the bike , after which the accident happened in which the girl succumbed to injuries and died.

Sudisha Bhati was a student of Boston University, Massachusetts

She wanted to educate the entire village and other girls in the country. She was studying Business Management from the scholarship of millions in Boston University in Masachusetts. The government had given a scholarship of 3.80 crore to the extraordinary Sudisha Bhati, she had studied Intermediate from Bulandshahr Vidyan School. She had secured 98 per cent points in the intermediate. 3.80 crore scholarship was found when the reciprocal was in the 12th, then form was filled for high level education. Sudisha Bhati had applied for scholarship from the US government. She received scholarships of Rs 3.80 crore.

Her family rose from rags to riches!

The general family student had illuminated the name of the family, region and society by acquiring scholarship. She went to America in July, 2018. Villagers and public representatives also respected the entire family. she returned to India due to the Corona virus to  on March 14. Since then, she was at home. On August 16th, she had to go back to America. The father’s runs his tea shop . There is currently a small square shop. The same family was routing. There are three sisters and two brothers in the reciprocal. She was the lovable prodigy and  had expected that after completing the studies, she will handle the responsibility of the house.

Family’s dreams are now shattered!

Three years of studies were completed, but the death of the daughter has shattered the dreams of the family. The dream was to educate the girl to get out of a simple family and reached the US on the basis of education. She wanted to educate the village and other girls of the country. This was the reason that when completing her education from America, she used to teach the girls’ . The family said that there is a plan from past 20 years. By starting NGOs, the work of educating the country’s girls. She always used to say that if the girls will be educated then many problems of the country will be resolved.

May her soul rest in peace! ❤️


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