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Corona vaccine to be given to health workers and then children: Delhi government

NEW DELHI| More than 2 lakh people have registered for the first phase of the Covid vaccine in Delhi. According to the Delhi government, the first priority is to provide vaccines to health workers and front line warriors. The government is making a list of health workers and frontline warriors, setting its priority. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said, “After health workers and frontline warriors, our elderly and children will be vaccinated. Then we will vaccinate all of Delhi. The Delhi government is fully capable of vaccinating the entire population of Delhi.” We have also made arrangements for storage for the vaccine. We are just waiting for the vaccine. “

The Delhi government has said that this vaccine can be applied to the whole of Delhi within just three-four weeks when the corona vaccine arrives. However, once the vaccine arrives, it will depend on the availability of the vaccine how long it takes for all people in Delhi to apply the vaccine.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain said, “After the corona vaccine is ready, we are ready to vaccinate the whole of Delhi in three to four weeks. The Delhi government has adequate resources and within a few weeks of getting the corona vaccine, All the people of Delhi will be reached. ”

He said that we have many tools like Mohalla clinics, polyclinics, dispensaries and hospitals, etc. Apart from this, there is also no problem with vaccine storage in Delhi.

The Delhi government is claiming to have all the Delhiites as soon as the Corona vaccine is available. In addition, the government claims that there is no problem with the storage of the corona vaccine. Health Minister Satyendra Jain said, “The vaccine will have a lot of storage. However, the biggest thing is the availability of the vaccine right now.”

Satyendra Jain said that the vaccine consists of storage equipment along with it, it is stored in dry ice.

On the farmer movement, Satendra Jain said that farmers are the backbone of our country. The central government should immediately accept all the demands of the farmer.

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