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Delhi: 235 people died of the corona, medicines sought for black fungus

New Delhi| In Delhi, the infection rate has now come down to 6.89 percent. The Delhi government wants to bring it down to 2 percent as soon as possible. In Delhi, during the last 24 hours, 235 people have died due to coronavirus. Along with this, the Delhi government has sought necessary medicines for the treatment of black fungus. Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that we have demanded one lakh medicines to provide medicines directly to hospitals for the treatment of patients with black fungus.

Satyendra Jain, while clarifying the situation on vaccination, said that the dose of covaccine for the age group of 18 to 44 in Delhi is over. Covyshield has about two days left. There is no concrete assurance from the central government about the availability of the vaccine. However, a vaccine is expected to be available soon.

Satyendra Jain said that if we share the formula with other companies, then we can make vaccines on a large scale. India has the capacity to produce 10 million vaccines daily.

Satyendra Jain said about the current situation of corona in Delhi, that 4482 cases of the corona were reported in Delhi on May 18 and the infection rate is 6.89 percent. Cases have been slowly declining since April 24 inside Delhi. The first corona cases were coming up to 28 thousand in 1 day in Delhi, which has come down from six thousand to near four thousand.

He said that the goal is to bring the infection rate of Corna to less than 2 percent. In Delhi, when the sudden increase in cases, the infection rate was hovering around one to two percent. After this, the infection rate had suddenly risen to 36 percent. Things are now better in Delhi. An infection rate of over five percent is considered to be quite poor. Currently the infection rate is around 6 percent. The ultimate goal of the Delhi government is that there should be no corona case in Delhi. The cases of Covid 19 should be zeroed as soon as possible.

The Health Minister said on vaccine production that whatever demands we have, first they are mocked and rejected. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was the first to say that all people above 45 years of age should be vaccinated. After this, people of opposition parties kept saying for a week that this should not happen. After this, he started vaccinating people above 45 years of age. His Arvind Kejriwal said that all people above 18 should be vaccinated. He then said that there is a technology to manufacture vaccines within the country, it should be allowed to make vaccines by sharing their formula with other companies.

Satyendra Jain said that the most difficult research is done inside the vaccine. If we made a vaccine by doing research, then the production capacity in our country is about 10 million vaccines daily. In such a situation, the country can make vaccines on a large scale. Also, you can make vaccines not only for your country but also for other countries. I welcome the statement made by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari.

Satyendra Jain said that the Delhi government is preparing to save children from Corona. The government is preparing for children as well as for older people. The second wave of Corona was unpredictable, with no agency previously saying that any wave could recur again at such a rapid pace.

The Health Minister said that out of about 27 thousand beds in Delhi, 13 thousand beds are empty. Out of the six and a half thousand beds of the ICU, 1200 beds are empty.

Satyendra Jain said that there are a lot of rural areas inside Delhi. This time it was seen that there were not many corona cases inside the first wave, whereas this time there have been many cases. That is why the Delhi government has conducted the most investigation in rural areas. Ten thousand to 12 thousand people were investigating in a day. Now the situation has improved a lot for the last four-five days, now there the infection rate has come down considerably.

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