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E-Health card system will be implemented in Delhi by August 2021

NEW DELHI| The Delhi government intends to implement the e-health card system under the Health Information Management System (HIMS) in all government hospitals in Delhi by August 2021. All services of patient care such as hospital administration, budgeting and planning, supply chain management, back end service and processes will be brought under this system. E-health cards will be issued through the system and will be available online for access. Door to door verification will be done and physical cards will be distributed. The entire system will be based on digital and cloud.

This will help the people of Delhi to get all information under one roof and help in emergency cases. After the implementation of HIMS, Delhi will become the only state in the country to have a cloud-based health management system.

Under this, all residents of Delhi will be issued QR code-based e-health cards based on voter ID and population registry. Through which demographic and basic clinical information of each patient can be obtained. All characters will be mapped to the entire family through e-health cards for health plans and programs. The integration will be done with Delhi HISS for seamless information exchange.

To implement this scheme, two levels of centralized call centers will be established. In the first level, the call center operators will solve the problems of the people and inform the concerned available healthcare staff. The operator will give the caller relevant information and his report will be made at the end.

At the same time, in the second level, the doctors and experts of the Delhi Government will give time to meet the patient while receiving the call and message. If the case is an emergency, they will accept their call immediately. Talking to patients will solve their problems.

This call center will be of 45 seats and 5 seats will be for peak hours. The number of seats in call centers can be reduced to 10 at night and during recess. Each shift of the 24-hour call center will be of 8 hours and there will be 3 shifts in a day. There will be duty hours from 6 am to 2 pm, 2 pm to 10 pm and from 10 am to 6 am.

Chief Minister Arvind Keriwal along with Health and Family Welfare Minister Satyendar Jain and departmental officials reviewed the ambitious Project Health Information Management System (HIMS) on Wednesday. It discussed the progress of HIMS, health cards and health helplines.

The Chief Minister said, “Instructed to ensure that the distribution of these cards is started as soon as possible. Instructed the concerned authorities to ensure that the mission is finalized by the middle of next year (2021).



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