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Electoral mandate a seal of approval on BJP’s pro-poor governance: Modi

New Delhi | Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the assembly election results are a seal of approval for the pro-poor and pro-active government of the BJP. According to the assembly election results announced on Thursday, the BJP is all set to form governments in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Manipur, while in Goa it is just one step short of the majority mark. In Punjab, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won with a thumping majority.

The Prime Minister said that as per the logic of election pundits, the results of 2022 have paved the way for 2024 for the BJP.

Hundreds of BJP workers welcomed him at the party headquarters here after the results of the assembly elections were declared.

He said, “Earlier people had to run from pillar to post for basic amenities like gas, electricity, water etc. The common man was denied his entitlement, but now under BJP rule we have understood this and it is brought to the common people.”

Pointing out how his government over the years has strengthened the governance system and also brought transparency in the process, Modi said, “The BJP has ensured that every poor person gets all the benefits it deserves. And I will not rest till every poor person gets his due.”

Modi recalled his more than two decades of ‘serving the people of Gujarat’ and said, “I certainly know what kind of problems one has to face while running the government. I walked the country from the ramparts of the Red Fort.” chose to make it work by declaring saturation of facilities to every poor person of the state.”

He said that this is possible only when one has honest methods, kindness towards the poor and welfare of the poor is the priority.

Modi also thanked the women voters and claimed, “They played a major role in the resounding victory of the BJP.”

The Prime Minister said, “We are blessed to have the blessings of women voters. It is women voters who ensured BJP’s victory in all seats. They are the driving force behind our victory.”

“People ask me why don’t you care about your safety while on the field. I always say, why should I worry, when I have the blessings of hundreds and thousands of mothers and sisters of India? It’s because, For the first time, they have been assured that our government takes care of their small needs.”

Pointing out that the people of Uttar Pradesh were often seen only through the prism of caste and by doing so they were insulting those castes, those people and also Uttar Pradesh, he said, “But the people of Uttar Pradesh have shown – 2014, 2017 or now – UP always chooses the politics of development.”

The poorest of the poor in Uttar Pradesh taught the electoral pundits a valuable lesson that caste pride should not be used to break India, but to unite the nation.

Modi said, “When we returned to power in 2019 they had said what such a big deal, 2017 has sealed the fate for 2019. I am sure, they will now dare to say that in 2022. The results have paved the way for 2024.”

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