Sunday, April 11, 2021
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Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali will promote art and culture in Jammu and Kashmir

JAMMU| The Jammu and Kashmir government on Tuesday invited eminent film director Imtiaz Ali to promote local arts and culture by providing necessary platforms to local artists and youth through workshops and related activities. The Bollywood director, who has experience of shooting in Jammu and Kashmir, has shown keen interest in making films using local actors, local themes, music, arts and venues.

In a conversation with journalists, Ali said that he respected the culture, art and talent found among artists in Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the richness of the culture here is so deep that many initiatives will be taken to show it fully.

Culture and Tourism Secretary Sarmad Hafeez and Director of Archeology and Museums Munir-ul-Islam were also present on the occasion.

Filmmaker Imtiaz Ali announced on Tuesday that he would conduct workshops at the local level for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir so that they get a chance to showcase their talent. He said that positivity in Jammu and Kashmir is full of codification and creativity skills are unmatched.

Ali further stated that he is fully convinced that old, traditional folklore offers a lot of stories, which can be translated into the best cinematic productions. He said that the earlier efforts are not enough, so bringing more subjects will be the main focus.

The Bollywood director said that the youth have to come forward to make their abilities in front of the world.

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