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Highlights of PM Modi’s last speech in the old Parliament House

New Delhi: While delivering his last speech in the Lok Sabha in the old Parliament House on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the contributions of the country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to his predecessor PM Manmohan Singh. In the last 75 years, he praised the contribution of about 7,500 people’s representatives (MPs), including about 600 women people’s representatives, in both the Houses together.

 Along with this, PM Modi also appreciated the contribution of the employees and media of the Parliament House, today it was an emotional moment to bid farewell to this historical building (Old Parliament House) and at the same time the new heights of India’s democracy will be achieved in the new Parliament building. Also wished to do.

Big points of PM Modi’s speech 

 This is an opportunity to recall the 75 years of parliamentary journey of the country and to move forward by remembering those inspiring moments, important moments of history, before moving to the new House.

It is true that the decision to construct this building was of foreign rulers. But we can never forget that our countrymen had invested hard work, sweat and money in the construction of this building. Even though we will move to a new building, this old building will also always inspire the coming generations.

 Our journey of 75 years has produced the best of many democratic traditions and processes and all the members of this House have actively contributed to it. 

 The light of the first dawn of immortality, a new faith in the nation, new confidence, new enthusiasm, new dreams, new resolutions and new strength of the nation is filling it. Today the achievements of Indians are being discussed with pride everywhere.

–Today the whole country is overwhelmed with the success of Chandrayaan-3. In this, a new form of India’s capability which is linked to modernity, science, technology, our scientists and the power of determination of 140 crore countrymen, is going to create a new impact on the country and the world.

The success of G-20 is not the success of any individual or party, but of the 140 crore Indians of India. India will be proud of the fact that the African Union became a permanent member of the G20 during India’s presidency.

It is a matter of pride for all of us that today India has been able to make its place as a ‘world friend’. Today the whole world is searching for its friend in India and is experiencing the friendship of India.

It is a very emotional moment to bid farewell to this House. As we are leaving this House, our mind is filled with many emotions and many memories.

–People all over the world are praising India’s achievements. The success of Chandrayaan-3 shows a new side of India’s capability which relates to innovation, technology, science and the capabilities of our scientists.

– When I entered this building for the first time as an MP, I instinctively bowed my head at the door of this House and paid my respects to this temple of democracy. That moment was full of emotions for me.

– I could never have imagined, but this is the strength of India’s democracy and a reflection of the common man of India’s faith in democracy that a child from a poor family living on the railway platform reached the Parliament. Initially, the number of women here was less. But gradually mothers and sisters have also enhanced the dignity of this House.

 More than 7,500 public representatives have so far contributed in both houses. During this period, about 600 women MPs have enhanced the dignity of both the Houses.

 Today I also salute those who faced bullets on their chests to save the House and its members while fighting the terrorists. They are not among us, but they have protected us greatly.

-Today India is being recognized as a world friend! The whole world is looking at India as a friend; The main reason for this is our culture from Vedas to Vivekananda. The mantra of ‘Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ is helping us unite the world.

 Today, as we are leaving this House, I also want to remember those journalist friends who have spent their entire lives reporting the work of Parliament. In a way, he has been a living witness. He provided every moment of information to the country. In a way, the strength of the walls here has been mirrored in his pen and that pen has awakened a sense of pride within the country towards the Parliament and the members of the Parliament.

–The names of journalists who covered Parliament may not be known but no one can forget them. Not just for news, he used his energy to understand India’s development journey from the Parliament House.

It is believed in our scriptures that when a place is chanted in the same rhythm several times, it becomes a place of penance. Sound has the power to transform a place into a perfect place. I believe that the voice of 7,500 representatives in this House has made it a place of pilgrimage. When a person who has faith in democracy comes to see this place 50 years from now, he will feel the echo that the voice of the soul of India once resonated here.

— In the post-independence period, many scholars raised various concerns about India. He expressed apprehension over whether India would be able to move forward or not, whether it would remain united or not, whether democracy would survive in India or not. But it is the power of this Parliament that the world was proved wrong. Despite all the doubts and darkness, India flourished.

— The movement for the liberation of Bangladesh and its support was also carried out by this House under the leadership of Indira Gandhi, this House also witnessed the attack on democracy during the Emergency, and this House also supported democracy by realizing the power of the people of India. Also saw the return of.

— The mantra of Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, many historical decisions, issues pending for decades and their solutions were also taken in this House. This House removed Article 370, it will always be remembered. One Nation One Tax, GST was also decided by this House. ‘One Rank, One Pension’ was also seen by this House. 10 percent reservation for the poor happened in this House without any controversy.

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