Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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India should have a well-defined China policy: Amarinder

Chandigarh| Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh said that India should adopt a clear and well-defined policy on its rival neighbor, given China’s long-running expansionist agenda. He warned on Wednesday that talks with Beijing alone would not do anything.

However, they hope that India got better support from China in the latest clash at Naku La on 20 January. Amarinder Singh, a former army man himself and a military historian, has written several books on the Indian Army. He said that India needs to improve and strengthen its military strength.

After Galvan Valley this incident shows that China has not supported, and has no intention of backing from its expansionist policy, he said that India has not withdrawn from China what they have asked us through force Has seized.

He said that the need for a strong army in the face of such a threat on the border cannot be stressed.

Urging the Center to seriously consider the joint threat of Pakistan and China, the Chief Minister said, “Pakistan cannot run without China, they both support each other and under these circumstances, only talks with China can be more There will be no leadership, we need to increase our military skills.

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