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India, China agree to exercise restraint on LAC

NEW DELHI| India and China have agreed to exercise restraint on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Ladakh, where the military of the two countries have been in a confrontation situation since June this year. An official statement from the Ministry of External Affairs said that the two sides creatively exchanged ideas at the eighth round of the Corps Commander level meeting to resolve the deadlock in the eastern Ladakh region. The meeting was held on 6 November at Chushul near LAC.

“Both sides exchanged clear, deep and constructive views on the removal of the army from the Line of Actual Control in the western region of the India-China border areas,” the ministry said.

“The consensus reached between the leaders of the two countries will be enforced honestly, including ensuring the soldiers to exercise restraint and avoid misunderstandings,” the statement said.

The ministry said that the two countries have agreed to continue dialogue and communication through military and diplomatic channels and to pursue the discussion. Emphasis has been placed on the settlement of other issues so that the joint efforts of the two in the border areas will lead to peace.

It said that an agreement was reached between the two for another round of meetings soon.

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