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UN Security Council holds emergency meeting again on Palestine’s situation

Beijing | On 12 May, the United Nations Security Council held a second emergency consultation on the situation in Palestine this week. Yuen-based Chinese Permanent Representative Chang Chun, as the current Chairman of the Security Council, chaired the meeting and delivered a speech to China. Chang Chun reported that the state of Palestine’s occupied lands has been steadily deteriorating in the past few days, increasing violence and tension in East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip, resulting in large numbers of civilian casualties. The Chinese side is very concerned about the situation in Palestine and appeals to various parties, especially Israel, to exercise restraint.

Chang Chun emphasized that in the face of the present critical situation, the situation should do its best to alleviate tension and protect citizens so that the overall crisis does not arise. China supports the United Nations to play a much larger role in this.

(Sincerely: China Media Group, Beijing) –

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