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Do India needs to teach China a lesson or not?

The people of India are in a dilemma on the question of how India should treat China now. As the bodies of the Indian soldiers are being transported to their homes, seeing them on TV channels, the blood of crores of Indians is boiling, but on the other hand they are also seeing that no government leader has uttered a word against China. is. Yes, the Prime Minister and the Defense Minister have expressed sorrow over the martyrdom of our soldiers and said that their sacrifice will not go in vain.

Even poor politics is not leaving us on this sad occasion. Congress leaders are attacking the Prime Minister directly. They are asking where is Modiji hidden? Why are they not saying anything? As soon as this question arose, the Prime Minister started the meeting of the Chief Ministers with tribute to the soldiers and praised their bravery. Now Rahul Gandhi has asked that Modiji tell how his soldiers went empty handed to fight the Chinese? Rahul forgot to know that the Chinese soldiers did not even have weapons in their hands. They too clashed with our soldiers empty handed. Troopers on both sides fought with batons, knives, barbed wire. The person who read the strip to Rahul would not have known that there was an agreement between the two countries in 1996, according to which the soldiers of the two countries will not have any weapons whenever they go to the area of ​​two km of the Line of Actual Control. Will happen.

This sad incident has been completed for three days now, but it is not yet known exactly what caused the scuffle between the two soldiers? China says that Indian soldiers had started sabotaging their border and our spokesperson says that Chinese soldiers were sneaking into Indian border. Our government told earlier that three of our soldiers were killed, but it came to be known at night that they were 20, not three. Authentic information about how many Chinese soldiers died has not yet been revealed. China’s big newspaper ‘Global Times’ said that China will not tell how many of its soldiers died. Unconfirmed sources revealed that 40 Chinese soldiers were killed and many injured. China lost twice as many soldiers as India lost. This news definitely healed the wounds of Indians.

Surprisingly, both the governments of India and China are showing a lot of restraint on this matter, rather I would not be wrong to say that both governments are speaking with suppressed tongue. India’s foreign minister spoke to the Chinese foreign minister over the phone and after that they both blamed each other’s soldiers for the breach of the Line of Actual Control, but both said that the matter was not to be overstated. This matter has to be resolved peacefully. It is also important to pay attention to one other fact here. The night after the massacre, only a few hours after that the military officers of the two countries sat talking with each other at 7.30 am.

What result do you make from this? Does it not seem that the clash between the troops on both sides happened suddenly and the leaders of both the countries would get the news later. If this assumption is true, then the attitude of the Indian government so far is quite restrained. But if so, I wonder why Narendra Modi did not talk to the Chinese President Xi Chin Fing on the same day (16 June). If they told all the facts to their friend, they might have accepted the mistake of their soldiers and repented on it.
It did not happen, it is a matter of concern. It is clear that the opposition will now criticize the 56-inch Cinnevali government. Countless tales of China’s betrayal, wickedness, arrogance, friendliness, ambition etc. will be raised and people will demand that China be avenged. This means that China should be taught a lesson. Even if a small war takes place. Now India is much more capable than in 1962. He can relish his actions with China.

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