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98.8 percent Indians favours boycott of chinese products in an online survey of CAIT

New Delhi : In a recent survey conducted among different sections of the country, 98.8 percent people supported the boycott of Chinese goods. This survey was conducted by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) from 19th June to 27th June. 9735 people from across the Country while participating in the survey expressed their opinion on nine questions asked in the survey and answers to the extent of more than  90 percent were in affirmative which reflects that India stands united against China aggression and the people of India are determined this time to teach a lesson to China. .

While disclosing the results of the survey, CAIT National President Mr. B.C.Bhartia & Secretary General Mr. Praveen Khandelwal said that CAIT’s online survey conducted for nine days among cross section of the people including traders,MSME, farmers, hawkers, consumers, self-entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs, working women, students and people from social organizations enthusiastically participated in the survey. About 11 thousand people across the Country were invited to take part in the survey out of which 9735 people responded to the survey.

Mr. Bhartia and Mr. Khandelwal informed that nine questions asked in the survey and their respective responses were, Do you agree that China aggression against Indian Army is wrong?”- 95.8% Yes, Do you feel pain after the death of 20 brave Indian soldiers in Ladakh recently.-97.6% Yes,, Do you agree that it is enough & we should teach a lesson to China- 97.6% Yes, Do you stand with Indian Army.-99.8% Yes,  Do you agree to boycott Chinese goods.98.8% Yes,  Are you taking a pledge not to buy or sell Chinese goods.-97.8% Yes,  Do you agree that Film Stars & Cricket Stars should stop endorsing Chinese Brands- 93.0% Yes, Do you agree that India should cancel all contracts given to Chinese Companies- 96.5% Yes, Do you agree that Chinese Companies should be asked to withdraw their investment in Indian startups-96.5%

Mr. Bhartia and Mr. Khandelwal said that the results of the survey affirm the strong commitment of Indian people to fight vigorously against China in large numbers. It was important to observe that the percentage of answers to all the questions in the nine-day survey remained the same which shows that people across the country have a very firm & transparent opinion on the issue and there is no illusion at all. Mr. Bhartia and Mr. Khandelwal said that encouraged with the results of the survey, the CAIT will continue its national campaign ” Bhartiya Saamaan-Hamara Abhiman” to boycott chinese goods more aggressively.

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