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68.2 percent people of India ready to boycott Chinese products: Survey

New Delhi: In the wake of the ongoing border dispute between India and China, 68.2 percent of the people of the country say they will stop buying products manufactured by China, including mobile phones, TVs, electronic goods.

This was revealed in the IAAS C-Voter Snap survey. According to the survey, 68.2 percent said they would boycott Chinese products, while 31.8 percent said nothing of the sort was going to happen and business would go on as usual, where people would continue to buy Chinese products.

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The survey conducted among people of different age groups found that people of all ages agreed that they would boycott Chinese products. 75 percent (45 to 60 years) in the middle age group, 66 percent in the 25 to 45 years age group, 79 percent of the elderly above the age of 60 years and 60.9 percent of the freshers (below 25 years) considered them to be Chinese products.

Anti-China sentiment has also become evident in all categories of education groups. 70 percent in the lower educated group, 65 percent in the middle education group and 64.6 percent in the higher education group say that they will not buy Chinese goods.

Anti-China sentiment is more prevalent in the income category category and consistent across different classes. This view is seen by 68 percent of the people in the lower, middle and high income groups.

On the other hand, if we talk about the category of social group, the survey found that 93.9 percent of Christians are willing to boycott Chinese products. After this, among Hindus, 80.7 per cent of Scheduled Tribes, 73.8 per cent of Other Backward Classes, 70 per cent of Scheduled Castes and 74 per cent of Sarvans (upper castes) spoke of boycotting sugar products.

In the survey, anti-China sentiment has been highly visible in all classes except Muslims (35.1 percent) and Sikhs (44 percent).

People who voted in the last general election were also asked questions in the survey. 58.2 percent of voters who voted for opposition parties supported the boycott of Chinese products. At the same time, 72.8 percent voters who voted for the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) also said that they are ready to boycott Chinese products.

On the basis of gender, 74 percent of men agreed to boycott Chinese products, while 61.7 percent of women said not to buy Chinese goods.

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