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China Rocket failure news: Satellite Kuaizhou 11 Fails in middle

China rocket failure news: China Satellite Launch Fails. China, who is dreaming of ruling in the world of Beijing space technology, got a big shock on Friday. China’s largest solid-fueled rocket KUIZHOU-11 has failed at the Xixuan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China. This satellite failed at around 12:17 pm local time on Friday.China Rocket Kuaizhou 11 fails in the middle as it met with an accident at China Space Program.

China rocket failure of China Space Program

China Rocket Accident news: Chinese officials said that the reasons for the failure of the satellite are being ascertained. China has designed this satellite to send satellites into space for less money. China claims that it is a highly reliable rocket, but its claim has evaporated from the accident. This rocket is capable of carrying a payload weighing around 70.8 tonnes.

Chinese rocket failure in space

Kuaizhou 11 Fails: China Satellite Launch Fails

This Chinese satellite serves to place satellites in space orbit. Earlier in May this year, a Chinese test rocket launched with the intention of carrying cargo to its space station had to return to Earth after a technical glitch. However, a big accident took place at the time when the large part of this rocket started falling uncontrollably into the earth’s atmosphere.

China Space Program

China Satellite Launch Fails: It was about 30 meters long and 5 meters wide, about 20 metric tons of rocket. It is believed that in the last 30 years, it was the largest object to return uncontrolled to the Earth’s atmosphere. Earlier in 1991, a 39-ton Soviet Union space station Salyut had fallen like this.

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