Tuesday, December 1, 2020
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China launches three new satellites, will lift the curtain from the untouched secret of the earth

• China strengthened itself by launching three new satellites, eyeing the world
• The satellites have been launched for the purpose of collecting the world’s commercial data
• Preparing to be a global leader in science and technology by 2050

China, which is the target of all the countries of the world regarding Corona, is busy strengthening itself in the field of science and space. Through its state-of-the-art satellite, China is now trying to monitor the entire world and collect business and commercial data.
It has launched three satellites under this mission. In addition to studying the Earth through these satellites, X-ray Lobster will collect from Eye unintended untethered facts that have not been noticed, as well as collect commercial data from every corner of the world.
Apart from Ji Yuan-3 (Earth Observation Satellite), two other satellites have been launched from Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation has said in its statement that these three satellites will be helpful in exposing all the untouched aspects of the Earth. China’s official TV channel CCTV has also told that this will further enhance China’s sky strength and scientific capabilities.

China has decided that by 2050 it should become a global leader in the field of science and innovation. For this, he has developed himself immensely in the field of industry, and now he is trying to get the forefront of science and technology from all the countries of the world.


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