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ISRO Chairman K Sivan: Private companies can also make satellites

Bengaluru: In the coming days, ISRO Chairman K Sivan said there can be a big change in the field of space in India as well. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) announced that now private companies can also make rockets and satellites.

NASA has sent 2 people to the International Space Station

ISRO Chairman K Sivan said that now the space sector will be opened to private companies. Let us tell you that this year, for the first time, NASA has sent two people to the International Space Station from the spacecraft of the private company SpaceX.

ISRO Chairman K. Sivan

ISRO Chairman K Sivan will continue the R & D work

ISRO Chairman K Sivan said on Thursday that the private sector will now be allowed to undertake space activities such as making rockets and satellites and providing launch services. He said that the private sector could also be a part of the interplanetary mission of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). is. Although Sivan said that the activities of ISRO will not reduce, research and development work will continue to be done on behalf of ISRO.


Job prospects will increase

Let us know that private companies have been providing components and others to ISRO for the last several years. Sivan said, “Now the possibility of employment in the field of space research will increase. Apart from this, there is also a good possibility of growth in this sector. Let us know that the private sector has already participated in the research being done on space in many countries of America, China, and Europe.

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Cabinet has approved private companies

Explain that on Wednesday, the Cabinet had approved the participation of the private sector in all space-related activities. Giving this information, Union Minister Jitendra Singh said, “This will not only accelerate this sector, but the Indian industry will also be able to play an important role in the space economy of the world.”

Along with this, there are huge employment opportunities in the field of technology and India is becoming a global technology powerhouse.

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