Friday, August 19, 2022
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Chinese companies are banned from global openness

BEIJING| Countries like the US are working hard to surround other Chinese companies, including the world’s leading telecom company Huawei. Britain and the United States have already banned Huawei’s 5G network-related construction. In this link, the name of European country Sweden has also been added. He too has announced to ban Huawei. In the 21st century we are fully connected with each other, in such an atmosphere of global openness, Chinese companies are trying to control. The result of this effort can be seen as pushing the world backward. Just think, what will be the result if China starts banning all big international companies or other countries also start doing so. A competition will begin in which every country will want to keep its interests paramount only and only. Then what will happen to that globalization, Due to which it is believed that the whole world is a global village. Under this, it is talked about benefiting other countries from the development and production of a particular nation.

But in recent times, America and Australia etc. are insisting on running a campaign of global unilateralism. If you get to the bottom of this whole issue, then you will find that many nations have been beset by the rapid development of China. They want to do everything possible to stop China. It may be that in the short term the companies of the said countries will get protection. But with a far-reaching view, this would be a step to end the global competitive environment. In today’s era, goods made in any corner of the world reach the global market easily. Internet and technology also have a big hand in it. We can get information about the happenings in every part of the world in a few seconds because the world is interlinked. 5G technology can work to bring the world faster and closer. But in this way, blocking China’s companies with the excuse of security in the name of China cannot be said to be compatible with international rules.

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