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UAE’s first Mars mission to be launched from Japanese island of Tanegashima

The objective of Mangal Mission is to collect the information of the upper and lower surface of the atmosphere of Mars. Through this mission it will also try to measure the levels of oxygen and hydrogen.

New Delhi: The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has prepared to send the unmanned vehicle to Mars by next month. This will be the first space mission of the Arab world. It will be shipped from the Japanese island of Tanegashima on 14 July. It would take seven months to reach Mars and start its orbit to travel 493 million km (308 million mi). This will reveal new data on the ground level about the climate and atmosphere of Mars. The vehicle will orbit Mars for 687 days to collect sufficient data.

According to the mission’s project manager Omran Sharaf, this mission will be important not only for the UAE but for the entire Arab world. The region is going through a difficult time and we hope to get good news soon. We want our youth to start seeing possibilities at home instead of going out ‘.

Mission Mars will be for a full year to collect information. UAE has been working on this project since 2014. According to Sharaf, nothing was easy in this mission. The challenge of the deadline remained from day one. Apart from this, there was always conflict with the budget.

The motive of this mission, which is based on Japanese technology, is to collect information about the upper and lower surface of Mars atmosphere. In addition, it will also try to measure oxygen and hydrogen levels. In this way, the water level of Mars will be assessed. Significantly, the Prince of Saudi Arabia, Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud, was the first Arab astronaut to go to space in 1985 by an American shuttle. This time the UAE is sending its mission for the first time.

UAE Minister of State for Advanced Science Sarah Al-Amiri expressed happiness over the mission, saying that the expedition would provide better opportunities for UAE scientists and those studying natural sciences.

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