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US Independence Day News 2020: Donald Trump targets China…

US Independence Day News 2020: US President Donald Trump China has once again targeted China over the Corona virus. He said that China printed this epidemic due to which it spread all over the world.

US 244th Independence Day

US Independence Day News 2020

On US’s 244th Independence Day, President Donald Trump has launched another attack against China over the Coronavirus. In his speech, Donald Trump said that the US was performing very well before the virus attack from China. In the past, Trump has criticized China several times over the Corona virus.

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Donald Trump speech

Trump said, “The impact of tariffs on foreign lands has benefited America for the next several decades and now we can make big trade deals.” This was not there before. When trillions of dollars were coming to the US treasury from some countries, at the same time we were affected by the virus from China. He said that we are now making gowns, masks, and surgical accessories.

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China hid the disease

The US President said that it used to be made only in foreign lands especially in China from where this virus and other things came. China hid the disease-causing it to spread throughout the world. China must be held absolutely responsible for this. Regarding the Corona virus vaccine, Trump said that we are progressing very well.

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Trump said, ‘We are now doing incredibly well and testing continuously. Are treating. I want to thank scientists and researchers across the country and the world for making vaccines so fast. ‘ He hoped that the Corona virus vaccine would come out by the end of this year. Trump said that the country has investigated 40 million people so far.

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