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What is Obamacare? Why Trump demands to end Obamacare?

Trump has urged the Supreme Court to ban Obama Care & says it is bad. What is obamacare, obamacare pros and cons explained & its policy. Barack Obama created obamacare.

Why trumps wants to ban Obamacare?

Washington, Seeing the rise in the number of corona virus cases in more than half of the provinces, the Trump administration has urged the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act. It is known as Obama Care.

The government reported that about 5 lakh people who lost their health insurance amidst economic closure to prevent the spread of covid-19 have received coverage through gov.


The virus has not been mentioned in the administration’s statutory comment. If the court agrees with the administration, more than two million Americans will lose their health coverage. Preservation of those already facing serious health conditions will also end and they will be in danger.

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What is Obamacare? obamacare pros and cons explained and its policy.

In 2010, Ex President Barack Obama created Obamacare. They wanted to make sure all citizens were able to get health insurance. They wanted to lower the cost of overall health care. That would reduce the growing cost of Medicare. Obamacare pros and cons below.


Many people have to pay higher premiums

Insurance companies provide a huge range of benefits. This has caused premiums to rise for many people who already had old health insurance.

You can be fined if you don’t have insurance

The main motive is to provide insurance for people every year. If you’re not insured, you must pay some fine. People think it’s mandatory for the government to require health insurance. 



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