Tuesday, June 15, 2021
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Coronavirus: US President Donald Trump seen wearing a mask for the first time

US President Donald Trump was seen wearing a mask for the first time in public.

Washington: US President Donald Trump appeared in public wearing a mask for the first time. Trump wore a black mask with a presidential seal on it. Trump had arrived at Walter Reed Military Hospital to meet wounded soldiers. Earlier, Trump was not seen wearing masks in any program, etc. When reporters at the hospital questioned the President about the mask, Trump said, “I was never against wearing a mask but there are the right time and right place to wear it.”

Donald Trump further said, “I think it’s a good thing to put on a mask when you’re in the hospital, especially when you have to talk to a lot of young men and other people.”

The US government is asking people to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but in contrast, Donald Trump is not seen wearing masks while going to any rally, media briefing, or elsewhere. Even with many White House staff being found Corona positive, Trump did not wear a mask.

Explain that America is the country most affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). There, the number of Corona infected has exceeded 31 lakhs. So far 1,34,092 patients have died in the US. Brazil ranks second in terms of corona infects. The number of Corona infected there are more than 18 lakhs. So far, 70,398 people have died. India is in third place. More than 8 lakh coronas have been found infected in the country and so far 22,123 patients have died.

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