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Dark Winter, Ineligible – Biden’s attack on Trump in the last presidential debate


NEW YORK | Before the November 3 election, US President Donald Trump and Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden last had a heated debate in Nashville (Tennessee) on Thursday night. During the 90-minute debate, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, strongly attacked Trump, saying the man is unfit to be in the White House. Biden blamed Trump for deaths from coronovirus in the US and warned of further dark winters.

Biden targets Trump over the country’s coronavirus case. More than 8 million cases of corona have been reported in the US, while more than 2,22,000 people have died so far.

Biden said, “Whoever is responsible for this should not be the President of the United States for many deaths. We are in a situation where there are 1000 deaths a day. And more than 70,000 new cases per day Come on.

Biden attacked Trump a lot in the first 15 minutes and said, “It is his disqualification that has led to so many lives.”

Trump wants to eliminate Kovid-19 but Kovid-19 is not giving up the chase for America.

Trump, who was a patient of this virus, claimed that the leaders of the world have congratulated him in the fight against the virus, that you did a good job. Trump said the schools would have to be reopened, the economy had to be reopened and Biden just go to his basement and imprison himself.

Mute Button also officially entered during a fierce debate between Trump and Biden. However, Trump called it inappropriate.

Actually, during the first debate, both of them had a lot of tokataki on each other, when Biden was speaking, the trumps were repeatedly interrupted to avoid this situation using the mute button. Trump and Biden’s microphones were switched off during a two-minute opening remark, meaning that when Biden was asked the question, his mic was on. The same happened during all six segments.

The mute button for Trump is the antithesis of everything for which he has stood so far, this is something he does not like but succumb to its effect somewhere.

The presence of the mask was also seen in the final debate. This happened after the White House’s Kovid-19 cluster was formed this month. Melania Trump, the first woman to become infected with Corona, was also seen wearing a mask during the debate.

Trump answered Russia, India, China for poor air quality while answering a question on climate change.

Biden called the leaders of North Korea, China and Russia ‘thugs’ and accused Trump of embracing them.

Biden said Trump’s relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been unevenly close and has been a source of trouble for many.

On the Afghanistan issue, Biden believes that the US military should have an important role in Afghanistan and if he becomes president, it is likely that he will keep the US army there for longer than Trump. Biden said that if I became the president, the outside forces plotting interference in the election would be taught a lesson. I know that Russia, Iran and China are trying to interfere. He said that Russia does not want it to win the election.

To this, Trump said that hardly any other president has been as strict as I have been on Russia.

Moderating this debate was a black woman, Kristen Welker, who is the second black woman to moderate presidential debates since 1992.

At the same time, where the five-pole pole average has put Biden ahead of the national poll by 9.9 points, on the other hand, RealClear Politics poll average has led by 7.9 points.


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