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Trump-pro Indian-American campaign video emphasizes security, economy, India support

NEW YORK | In the wake of the November 3 election in the United States, President Donald Trump’s pro-Indian-American campaign video ed emphasizes security, economy and friendship for India. The video has been produced by an entrepreneur.

Trump faces Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden in the presidential election.

Danny Gaekwad has produced a series of video aids in support of Trump. He told IANS, “When I heard that Trump had got Kovid-19, I said, ‘What is going on, I should do something rather than sit at home and listen to such news.”

Describing himself as a grassroots political activist who has abstained from national politics and supported both Democrats and Republicans, Gaikwad said that he is supporting Trump because he (Trump) is a true person who 100 percent support India.

He said that he was disconnected from national politics until he met Trump, as most of the leaders at that stage were ‘faked’ and working at the grassroots was more effective for local, state and federal legislators.

Gaikwad’s family hails from Baroda, India. Gaikwad is an entrepreneur, developer and investor and a member of the ‘Indian Voices for Donalt Trump’ advisory committee.

Two of his edits are on the theme of ‘Trump has to be safe’, with feature clips of Trump’s speech in Ahmedabad earlier this year, in which Trump said that he has a special place in India and he has helped Indian-Americans Was appreciated.

Emphasizing security, Gaikwad said Indian-owned businesses were looted and burnt during the Democratic Party-backed Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality and racism.

He asked, “Is this the Democratic agenda? The life of the Indian people does not matter?”

Another video released by Gaikwad on Monday appeals to businessmen in particular, praising Trump’s economic record while targeting Biden. Public payroll has been attacked over 47 years of policies and his personal career.

In the advertisement, he defended Trump’s record in the epidemic crisis, saying he acted swiftly.

Gaekwad called Biden a China lover.

Gaikwad claimed that apart from airing on social media, his advertisements are running on several TV programs.

Another Trump video ad was aired earlier this year by the Trump campaign on social media with clips of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘Howdy Modi’ rally in Texas last year and the ‘Namaste Trump’ meeting held in Ahmedabad this year.

Although the number of Indian-American voters is estimated to be around 1.3 million, they can play an important role in important states where both parties are well supported and a small margin can also play a decisive role in the victory.

Gaikwad was asked why he was not supporting Vice Presidential cand

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