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Biden said that now is the time to apply ointment

NEW YORK | US President-elect Joe Biden has said after a harsh rhetoric campaign that now is the time to heal, as well as warn those who are trying to ‘bet against America’.

In his victory speech in Delaware on Saturday night after the media was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential race, Biden said, “We will do the work that God and history have given us the opportunity to do.”

Biden focused on domestic issues in the speech, particularly about bringing the country together and pulling it out of the Kovid-19 crisis. Talking about the issues related to the world, he warned the wagers against America. He said that his job is to “once again honor America worldwide.”

He said, “Tonight the whole world is watching America. It is like a light for the whole world. We will not move by the example of our power but by the power of our example. It is a great nation and we are good There are people. It has always been bad for those who wager against America. “

In his campaign, Biden, who accused President Donald Trump of misusing the epidemic, said, “I will leave no effort to end this epidemic.” He announced that after he took the oath of office on January 20, he would appoint a panel of prominent scientists and experts to create the program based on his and Kamala Harris’ plans.

To Trump’s supporters, Biden said, “Those who voted for President Trump, I understand their disappointment tonight. I myself have lost some elections.” He also appealed to end the harsh rhetoric. He said that he does not see the Red and Blue states but as a united state. I took part in the election as a Democrat, but now I will become the President of America and work hard for those who did not vote for me. “On

the possibility of Republicans controlling the Senate, Biden said,” Democrats and Republicans The refusal to cooperate with each other is not due to any mysterious force beyond our control. This is a decision. If we can decide not to cooperate then we can also decide to cooperate. “-

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