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Biden gets the Corona vaccine

WASHINGTON| America’s newly elected President Joe Biden took the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine on Monday during a television program in his home state of Delaware. According to the news agency Xinhua, the 78-year-old former Vice President was vaccinated by the Pfizer BioNotech Coronavirus, which requires a second dose to reach 98 percent efficacy. Before Biden, his wife Jill got vaccinated.

Wearing a black mask after applying the vaccine at ChristianaCare Hospital in Newark, Delaware, Biden said, “The scientists and the people who worked hard, especially the front line workers and the people who actually did the clinical work, all of it was fantastic. Is. I wish we had time to take you all over the hospital to show us how busy and unreliable you all are. And we owe you a great favor. We truly believe that. ”

Biden, considered in the high-risk age group for Covid-19, was advised by top American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fauchi to get the vaccine. Fauchi was named Biden’s chief medical advisor in January.

It is not clear when Biden will receive the second dose.

Biden said he and his wife are waiting for a second dose.

Biden Transition Team spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters Friday that elected Vice President Kamala Harris and her husband Douglas Amhoff would undergo vaccination next week.

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