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Top iOS 15 features to improve your iPhone experience in the fall

New Delhi | Apple has announced a major update to iOS 15 with powerful features that will make the iPhone experience to a whole new level this fall. FaceTime calls will no longer be limited to Apple devices, so anyone can join the call from their web browser on Android and Windows devices.

The tech giant also introduced ‘SharePlay’ which will help users stay focused and at the moment with new ways to manage and access information quickly.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, said,

“iOS 15 will help users stay connected while sharing experiences in real-time and provide new tools to help them reduce distraction and focus, use intelligence to enhance the photos experience, and use Maps’ large With the upgrade, it will reveal new ways to explore the world.”

With spatial audio, voices in FaceTime calls will sound as if they were coming from where the person is placed on the screen, and new microphone modes isolate the user’s voice from background noise.

Users can now share experiences with SharePlay while connecting with friends on FaceTime, including listening to songs with Apple Music, watching a TV show or movie, or sharing their screen to view apps together.

Share Play works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and with shared playback controls, anyone can play, pause, or advance a Share Play session. Share Play has also been extended to Apple TV.

Focus is another new feature in iOS 15 that filters notifications and apps based on what the user wants to focus on.

Customers can set their device to help at the moment by creating a custom focus or selecting a suggested focus, which uses intelligence on the device to suggest which people and apps are allowed to notify them.

Notifications have been redesigned, adding bigger icons for photos and apps for contacts to make it even easier to recognize them. To help reduce distraction, a new notification summary aggregates non-time-critical notifications for delivery at more appropriate times, such as in the morning and evening.

For example, users can search and locate a photo of a handwritten family prescription, or capture a phone number from a storefront with the option to call.

iOS 15 takes Maps even further with brand new ways to navigate and explore.

The developer preview of iOS 15 is available to members of the Apple Developer Program right now and a public beta will be available to iOS users next month.

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