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Budget 2023-24 proof of public’s falling faith in Modi government: Congress

New Delhi| The Congress has termed the budget of 2023-24 as a proof of the continuous falling faith of the public on the Modi government.

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, while giving his reaction on the budget on Wednesday, said, Modi government’s budget is the proof of the continuous falling faith of the people in the BJP. This is a budget made keeping in mind the elections only, not keeping the country in mind! No effort has been made to find a solution to the dreaded unemployment in this budget. There is inflation in every house, the common man is in trouble!

He said that there is nothing in the budget that would bring down the prices of everyday items. Khadge said, the Modi government has looted the country by increasing the prices of flour, pulses, milk, cooking gas! There is nothing in this budget for the welfare of Dalits, tribals and backward classes. There is not a single step to protect their rights.

He questioned the Center that reduced the MNREGA budget by Rs 38,468 crore. So what will happen to the poor? There is no boost in the education and health budgets.

Accusing the Modi government, he said, anti-farmer, the Narendra Modi government has not given anything in the budget for the farmers! It was promised to double the income of farmers in 2022, why didn’t it be fulfilled? Where is the MSP guarantee? The neglect of the farmers continues! The Modi government has ruined the banking sector. The fugitives have fled after looting the country! There is NPA slippage of 36 lakh crores on banks. But no solution has been mentioned in the budget. Not a word on the risk being put to SBI and LIC.

Kharge said, overall, the Modi government has made life difficult for the people of the country. The country’s economy has been deeply hurt. Apart from looting the country’s wealth, the Modi government has done nothing. The name of this budget will be called big and philosophy will be called small budget.

On the other hand, Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal said, this budget was not presented understanding the real spirit of the country, unemployment and inflation are at its peak in the country. But only fancy announcements have been made in the budget which were made earlier also but not implemented like PM Kisan Yojana benefited only insurance companies not farmers.



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