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Rahul Gandhi said, India alliance meeting will be held on Wednesday, decision will be taken on strategy

Delhi. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that there will be a meeting of India Alliance on Wednesday, in which a decision will be taken on the future strategy. The decision will be taken on whether Congress will sit in the opposition or try to form the government.

After giving an encouraging performance in the Lok Sabha elections, Congress held a press conference on Tuesday in which National President Mallikarjun Kharge fiercely targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP. After that Rahul Gandhi also said, now Narendra Modi is not needed.

Rahul Gandhi first took a dig at the press. He said, “You helped us as much as you could. But I would like to say one thing that this election was not just against BJP, but against all the constitutional institutions, investigation agencies, judiciary, which has been taken over by PM Modi and Amit Shah. India Alliance fought the election in a very unfavorable environment.”

The Congress leader further said, “I keep talking about the press. Your role is important, but it is important to mention here that this fight was to save the Constitution. If I tell you the truth, it was already in my mind when they froze our bank account, put the CM in jail, broke the parties. It was in my mind that now the people of India will unite to save the Constitution. ”

Meanwhile, Rahul also thanked everyone.

He said, “I would like to thank all of you because you have taken a big step to save the Constitution. The Congress party did two-three things, first of all we respected the parties of the India alliance. Wherever the alliance fought, we remained united. Congress has given a new vision to the whole of India. Congress has given a new vision. This performance of the India alliance has been excellent. BJP attacked the Constitution and the poor, for which it has got an answer today.”

Rahul further said, “Finally, let me tell you, the work of saving the Constitution has been done by the poorest people of the country. The tribals have done it. Not many people saved it, but the poorest people of India have saved it, I would like to thank them, we stand with you. We will fulfill all the promises made by us.”

On the other hand, Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge said, “The election results that have come in the country today are the result of the people, it is the victory of the people. It is the victory of democracy. We were saying from the beginning that this fight is Modi vs the people. We humbly accept the public opinion in the 18th Lok Sabha elections. This time the people did not give full majority to any one party. Especially to BJP. BJP asked for votes in the name of one person and now it has become clear that this mandate has gone against Modi ji and this is his moral defeat, the person who used to ask for votes in his own name, this is his defeat and it is a big defeat for him from the moral point of view.

Kharge further said, “You know that the Congress and India alliance fought the elections in a very unfavorable environment. Obstacles were put in our way, our bank accounts were frozen, but still the campaign of the Congress party was positive. We went among the people with the issues of inflation, farmers, laborers and misuse of constitutional institutions. People supported us. The kind of campaign PM Modi conducted, it was appreciated. It will be remembered for a long time in history.”

He said, “People remembered the lies spread by PM Modi about the Congress manifesto. Rahul Gandhi did two tours and listened to people’s problems. We named it as five guarantees and made a guarantee card in its name. On the basis of this, we reached out to the people and the big thing is that BJP’s arrogance ended. Those who got suppressed, BJP took them with them and those who did not get suppressed, were sent to jail. People got convinced that if Modi ji gets a chance once again, he will attack the Constitution. It is a matter of happiness that BJP will not be able to succeed in this now.”

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