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Everything till land, sea and sky belongs to Adani: Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi| Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that industrialist Adani has proved the adage that ‘Everybody doesn’t get Mukalm Jahan’. The land, sea and sky in the country all belong to them.

Rahul Gandhi released a video on Monday, taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that the saying that no one gets a perfect place does not apply to the industrialist friend of the Prime Minister, Gautam Adani, because today all land, sea and sky belong to him.

In this video released under the series Mitrakal: Adani Ki Udaan, Rahul Gandhi accused the Center of handing over six major airports in the country, including the Mumbai airport, to the Adani group by flouting rules and misusing investigative agencies.

Rahul said in his video, I told the truth about the relationship between PM Narendra Modi and Adani in the Parliament. I spoke the truth by giving evidence about how India’s money is being looted, but these comments of mine were removed from the proceedings of the Parliament.

Rahul Gandhi said, I am not against any business but in favor of business but against monopoly and magic. which magic? The magic of going from 609th richest to 2nd richest? The magic of expanding business from four sectors to 14 sectors? And the magic of getting six airports?

Rahul Gandhi claimed that in this era, the country’s airport, port, road, defense forces, media, coal, electricity and the entire government are under the control of PM Modi’s friend. A person who had no experience in operating an airport was handed over six of the most major airports in the country. After all, what is the reason that all these were given to only one person.

Why were the objections of the Finance Ministry and NITI Aayog ignored, he asked? Why changed the revenue model and who changed it?

Rahul Gandhi also responded to the Prime Minister quoting two lines from Dushyant Kumar’s composition in Parliament to target him. Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister has probably not read these two lines of Dushyant ji’s poem, how can I call the dawn without darkness, I am not a blind spectator of these scenes.

Significantly, while participating in the discussion on the motion of thanks on the President’s address in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi raised questions on the central government regarding the episode related to the Hindenburg Research report in the context of the Adani group. Which was later removed from the proceedings of the House.




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