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Demand raised from Ramlila Maidan to make Rahul Gandhi Congress President

New Delhi| Once again, the exercise for the post of national president has started in the Congress. Meanwhile, workers from Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan have raised the demand to make Rahul Gandhi the president again in a unique way. Some workers in the field are holding posters of Rahul Gandhi in their hands. In which it is written – We want Rahul Gandhi as President. Even before this, the name of big leaders from within the party has come into the discussion for the national president, but many party leaders are demanding to make Rahul Gandhi the national president once again.

Actually, Rahul Gandhi has been the national president of the party for three years. During that time, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh had registered a landslide victory in the assembly elections, but after the defeat in the 2019 general election, Rahul Gandhi resigned from the post of Congress President.

Rahul Gandhi had then also clearly said that the next president of the party would be someone from outside the Gandhi family, even after several days of estrangement, Rahul did not agree to continue as the president. Later Congress leaders elected Sonia Gandhi as interim president but almost more than two years passed, and Congress has not got a new president.

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