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Kazakhstan Coronavirus news 2020: China warns about Pneumonia

Kazakhstan Coronavirus news 2020: The coronavirus pandemic, which has paralyzed the world, has not been brought under control for more than 6 months. Vaccine and drug discovery research is still in the testing phase. Meanwhile, the Central Asian country of Kazakhstan has warned that the disease is more deadly than the corona. Chinese Embassy in the country. Kazakhstan having new Coronavirus pneumonia, kazakhstan coronavirus cases are there.

Kazakhstan pneumonia 2020

The Chinese embassy said 1,772 people had died from the unnamed pneumonia in the first six months of this year alone.

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Pneumonia Coronavirus in kazakhstan: Last month alone, 628 people died. China is also concerned that more people are dying from pneumonia compared to corona. The Chinese in Kazakhstan are advised not to leave their homes unnecessarily and to wear a mask and wash their hands frequently.

Coronavirus in Kazakhstan

In confirmation of the Chinese embassy’s warning, the Kazakh Ministry of Health said the new infection was spreading two to three times more than the corona. The ministry calls the new epidemic pneumonia. An unnamed pneumonia epidemic has been confirmed for the past 300 days, with 200 people affected per day in the capital Noor Sultan.

Kazakhstan Coronavirus 2020

Kazakhstan Coronavirus cases news 2020: More than 53,000 people have already been infected by Corona. Chancellor Kassym-Jomart Tokayev expressed concern that pneumonia in the country, which is facing a second wave of coronavirus pandemic, would also be a double offensive. The news of Kazakhstan Coronavirus is quite treacherous. 

However, the government of Kazakhstan has not yet made clear what kind of pneumonia it is. The World Health Organization has not yet commented on the new infection.

“Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Health and other agencies are currently investigating the virus. It causes pneumonia. The situation is not yet clear, ”the statement added.

The embassy has asked Chinese citizens in the country to be vigilant, avoid public places, use sanitizers, wash their hands frequently and wear masks.

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