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China’s problems may increase, WHO will go to Wuhan to investigate the origin of Corona

Coronavirus outbreaks continue worldwide. The number of corona-infected patients is increasing rapidly. In such a situation, the World Health Organization (WHO) team will go to China and investigate the origin of coronavirus. The coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China last year.

China had delayed providing information about the coronavirus outbreak. Due to which the coronavirus cases spread worldwide in two months. A team from WHO will visit China next week to investigate the origin and spread of the virus.

The investigation will last more than six months after the Wuhan Municipal Health Commission’s statement on ‘viral pneumonia’ cases by the WHO’s office in China. WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adnom Ghebius talked about an agreement with China in January to send a team of international experts to work to increase understanding of the outbreak as soon as possible.

More than half a million people have died in the world due to the coronavirus. Apart from this, the number of corona-infected patients and people dying is constantly increasing. WHO Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan said that a ‘thorough investigation’ is needed into the origin of the virus.

He said that the WHO is working with the Chinese government for the visit. A team is heading to China next week to investigate the origin of the virus, Swaminathan told ANI. He said a good investigation could come out before December. It can be found out how the virus came to humans in humans.

Dr. Swaminathan said that the Chinese government had reported an outbreak of pneumonia cases from Wuhan on 31 December. He said that the sequences suggest that the virus causing the Kovid-19 is very similar to the Bat virus. We do not know more than that in the sense where and how it originated.


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