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Beware ‘Beer’ drinkers : In China a man’s bladder got…Click to know what really happened?

Beware of beer drinkers.

A weird case of beer has been reported in China. Because a news has come from China that will set your senses whereabouts. A Chinese fellow drank 10 beers in a row. After this, I also stopped my urine for about 18 hours. It happened that his bladder bursted.

Explains the whole matter

This man is 40 years old. Its name is Hu. Due to ill health, he was taken to Zhuji People’s Hospital in the eastern province of China, Zhejiang. He was in a lot of pain. The man was then scanned at the Urology Department. It was found that his organ was affected due to stopping urination due to Beer drinking. Even his bladder burst.

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Had to do the operation

After this,in China the person had to undergo an emergency operation. However, through the doctors operation, the damage organ of the person has been repaired. The condition of the victim is fine at the moment. He is recovering. Doctors say this is a rare case in China of drinking beer. This happens only when someone tries to stop their urination. The bladder is flexible and has a capacity of 350 to 500 millilitres. Most of the time, stopping the urination can have fatal consequences.

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Don’t Drink that much.

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