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Porter in Ladakh said, willing to sacrifice himself for the country

LEH : Ringjin is 65 years old, but he still wants to do duty along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and help the Indian Army as much as possible. He is one of the many porters in Ladakh who transported material needed for the army to the inaccessible hills during the Kargil conflict in 1999. These porters who brought material to the army on the mountain during the war also contributed to India’s victory. He is still proud of the bravery done at that time and he is still ready to repeat this work.

Ringjin retired after the Kargil conflict, but he still lacked the spirit to serve the country. He served himself as a porter during the Kargil War, which is an inspiration and a matter of pride for him. He had transported heavy equipment and goods to the army to the hilltop to drive out the enemies.

He said, I had climbed mountains with equipment weighing 20 kg for our soldiers during the Kargil conflict.

Ringjin said that whenever there has been a fight in the past, the people of Ladakh have been with the soldiers and have contributed to the country service.

In recent times, tension between China and India has increased over the LAC and security forces have been deployed near the border with the necessary material to prevent any possible audacity by the Chinese PLA. In such a situation many people of Ladakh say that they are ready to work as porter (porter) to protect the country.

Ladakh is a border town, where many times there are tense situations and conflicts. Here people like Ringjin have played a large role as a volunteer force in past conflicts. These people have truly served the country by providing heavy equipment on the mountains for the soldiers.

Ringjin says that if the government gives the order, there will be no shortage of volunteers to assist troops on the LAC in Ladakh.

He said, we are ready to contribute. Government order us We are ready to sacrifice everything for the country.

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