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Koffee with Karan sparkles with conversations surrounding natural diamonds

The season debut of Koffee With Karan struck a chord with millennials as Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt exchanged many personal anecdotes.

Alia Bhatt shared intimate details about the time her beau, Ranbir Kapoor proposed to her. She said, “He (Ranbir) did not tell anyone!” Alia said that Ranbir proposed his love at a spot that was very special for the two.

When asked about her diamond ring, Alia flaunted her engagement solitaire, stating, “My diamond ring is very special, because it has been engraved with our relationship philosophy which is very close to my heart, Mrs. Hipster.” Alia also said that each letter in the engraving stands for something special. Ranveer then posed as Pammi to check her solitaires, a moment that sent social media into a frenzy as memes kept pouring in.

The trio had a discussion about diamonds being a girl’s best friend, and Alia agreed that she loves the jewel. Ranveer, too, mentioned that he owns several solitaries, stating that the love for jewel prevails among men too. Ranveer then showed his earrings off, stating that he took them from his mother. He then also stated that he has gifted his mother ‘bigger ones’ to the point where it looks like ‘her ear might come off by the weight’, stating that his mother responded with “that’s the look I was going for”. Karan Johar stated that his mother too was very fond of the jewel.

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