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Korean brand cuckoo launches new and powerful air purifiers in India

Air purifiers in India: South Korean brand cuckoo on Monday launched new and powerful models of air purifiers in India. These have been specially designed keeping in view the pollution levels of Indian cities. The company claims that these air purifiers equipped with advanced HEPA (Ultra PM2.5 filters) also remove fine particles of dust up to 0.3 microm. These air purifiers from cuckoo are equipped with power-saving capability with turbo mode, so that any room can be cleaned in just 6 minutes.

cuckoo as a brand believes that the larger the size of the filter in air purifiers in India, the better the air purifier will perform and the longer the air purifier will last.

cuckoo air purifiers South Korean brand cuckoo

South Korean brand cuckoo air purifiers are equipped with advanced HPA (Ultra PM2.5 filters) to remove 0.3 microm of dust and pollen. It also cleans fine particles. Removes polluted particles produced by cigarette smoke. cuckoo comes with the feature of Futuristic Energy Eye for saving maintenance costs, enabling it to save electricity effectively.

It is also very safe from the environment. Its structure is very user friendly. Users can easily change the filter of the house. The air purifier’s turbo mode accelerates the air purification process and the beneficiaries clean the entire room efficiently in 6 minutes time. Its air curator ensures to deliver pure and fresh air to all corners of the room.

Satyajit Kumar Arun, Managing Director, cuckoo India said, “It is our commitment to create modern lifestyle and innovative design of air purifiers that bring us a range of air purifiers exclusive to India, specifically for the Indian subcontinent. Designed. Air purifiers specially designed for India have also created many loyal customers of the company. In this short span of time we have achieved a milestone and we are expected to lead the air purifiers market. Our The goal is to capture market share in double digits. “

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