Tuesday, December 5, 2023
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Last chance of admission in Delhi University by 31 December

NEW DELHI| Many colleges of Delhi University have provided another opportunity for students from all over the country to enroll in undergraduate courses. This is the last opportunity given by the University of Delhi for admission to regular colleges. Selected students can get admission to Delhi University under this till 31 December. After December 31, no student will be admitted. Delhi University has brought out the third special cutoff list for admission to undergraduate courses. This cut-off has been done for the remaining seats in some selected undergraduate courses. The admission process and date has also been announced under the special cutoff list.

According to Delhi University Administration, applications can be made for the third special cutoff list between 28 December 5 pm to 29 December 5 pm. Based on the cutoff list, the concerned college will release the list of students admitted by 5 pm on 30 December. Selected students can pay the fees till 12 pm on 31 December.

Along with this, the Delhi University administration has also clarified that after the third special cutoff, the university will no longer enroll. According to Delhi University, this is the last opportunity to enroll in the university through the third special cutoff list.

The colleges of Delhi University have released the third special cutoff on their website. Based on the information provided by various colleges, students can apply for admission to these colleges. It is worth noting that the third special cutoff list has been released for those courses in which all the seats have not been filled up so far.

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