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Lockdown: Marriage will be held in Delhi only in court or at home

New Delhi| The lockdown has been extended till 17 May at 5 am in Delhi. In Delhi, the metro will also be closed during the lockdown. Marriage disputes will also not be held in public places. Under the new lockdown rules, the wedding ceremony will not be held at any hotel, community center, banquet hall, or another public place. Weddings will be allowed, but this wedding can only be held at the court or at home. No more than 20 people will be allowed to attend weddings. There will also be no booking of tents, DJs, music systems, catering, etc. at these weddings.

According to the Delhi Disaster Management Committee, pre-booked tents, DJs, music systems, catering, etc. for weddings will have to be returned in advance. On the other hand, if the date of marriage is extended, then these people who have taken advance will have to provide their services on the next date.

The lockdown in Delhi was to end at 5 am on Monday 10 May. Meanwhile, on Sunday, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal informed that the lockdown is being extended in Delhi for next Monday 17 May till 5 am.

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said, “I have spoken to people in the last few days. There has been talking from merchants, women, youth to different classes of people. Everyone believes that corona cases have reduced but still have a 23% infection rate. The time has not yet come for laxity. All of them believe that there is a need to increase the lockdown further. On

the decision to increase the lockdown, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that “The lockdown needs to be extended for a few more days or else what we have achieved so far will also be over.” Corona that this wave is very dangerous. Many people are dying, if life is saved then they will do more later. First of all, you have to save your life. Therefore, the government is compulsively increasing the lockdown of one week on the basis of the feedback of all the people. ”

The Chief Minister said that “this time the lockdown will be implemented more strictly.” The metro will also stop in Delhi from tomorrow. The more power the lockdown follows, the sooner we will be able to control the corona. I request all the people that way all the people supported the government in the same way, they should follow the lockdown in the time ahead. “In

April, due to compulsion, we had to put a lockdown in Delhi. Corona cases continued to grow. The corona positivity rate had increased by 35 percent in Delhi. That is, if we used to test corona of 100 people, then 35 of them were found to be corona positive. The chain of corona infection slowly began to break down after lockdown. Within the last one or two days, the positivity rate has come down to 23 percent. All the people of Delhi were very supportive in this, people completely followed the lockdown. 

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