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New way to create social-distancing within church

Ruch Community Church held its first “drive-in” service on Sunday morning since they were forced to shut their doors because of COVID-19.

All non-essential businesses have been closed and large gatherings are not permitted. because of Governor Kate Brown’s executive order.

Pastor Ron Mckay for Ruch Community Church said he wanted to find a way to bring his church back together, while still keeping social distance.

“The first Sunday that we didn’t have church, I called my son who’s a pastor in Redmond, Oregon and he heard other churches were trying this, and I said ‘what a great idea!’ So I got on the internet and said ‘how could we do an FM radio station and a parking lot church?'” Mckay said.

Mckay said that he called his friend Garon Lee with Garon Lee Sounds, and he was able to get the entire thing set up.

People were able to drive into the church parking lot, similar to how you would for a drive-in movie. People could see the pastor and tune into 87.9 FM to hear the entire service while being in the comfort of their own car.

“We all stay separated, people need to stay in their cars and they just listen on the radio. We can wave at each other, they can honk their horn, and they can go to church and stay in that habit that we’re all so used to,” Mckay said.

Worshippers trickled in on Monday at religious places which reopened after over two-and-half months of the coronavirus lockdown in Delhi, with a slew of precautionary measures in place.

It was especially an emotional moment for those who had to give up their regular visits due to the lockdown restrictions, while many said they prayed for respite from the pandemic that has upended the lives of every community.

The religious places were closed in Delhi on March 23 to check the spread of coronavirus.

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