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More than 1000 Corona Vaccine Centers to be built in Delhi

NEW DELHI| All arrangements have been made for vaccination and vaccination of corona vaccine in Delhi. Preparations are underway to construct more than 1000 vaccine centers in the capital Delhi. Not only this, if the Delhi government believes, then this vaccine will be made available free of cost to all Delhiites. On the question of giving a free vaccine, Delhi Health Minister Satendra Jain said that the central government has already announced that the vaccine will be given free to all. We have not received any information in addition to this.

At the same time, LNJP and GTB hospitals in Delhi will also be made available for other patients after the corona cases have reduced continuously. OPD services will also be resumed in these hospitals. Previously, these hospitals were reserved for corona patients only. The process of closing the Kovid care centers will now be started in these hospitals.

Delhi Health Minister Satendra Jain has said that new cases of corona infection in Delhi are steadily declining. There were over 85,000 tests in Delhi yesterday, of which only 677 new cases were reported. Now the positivity rate in Delhi has also fallen to just 0.8 percent. This means that now only 8 people are getting corona positive in 1000 person in Delhi.

He said that the number of Kovid beds in Delhi hospitals is also sufficient. Presently, more than 85 percent of the safe beds for covid hospitals are empty.

Health Minister Satendra Jain said the Delhi government has made complete preparations regarding the vaccine. All arrangements for the vaccination and vaccination of the corona vaccine have been made. Now only waiting for the vaccine to arrive. Preparations are underway to construct more than 1000 vaccine centers in Delhi.

On the new look of Corona, the Health Minister said that the Delhi government is doing everything possible to prevent it and we need not panic. He said that among the recently returned passengers from abroad, the corona report of 38 passengers in LNJP Hospital has come positive. 4 of them have been found infected with new strains.

All international flights are now banned and no new cases have surfaced since then. Jain said that we have investigated all the people who came in contact with those four persons and no new corona strain symptoms were found in any of them.

On the question of the arrival of this new strain in Delhi before December, Jain said that an assessment is being done by experts in this regard. Responding to the question of Kovid Biowest in Delhi, the minister said that it is the responsibility of MCD.

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