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New Delhi Municipal Council approved various citizen & employee-centric proposals in its Council Meeting

Gole Market Building to restore and conserve as Museum, Construction of Additional Block in Indira Niketan Hostel, anomaly in Pay Scale of Safai Karamcharis and Sewerman, policy on license of NDMC shops, kiosks, stalls & pan thara and change of Annual Cycle of assessment and collection of Property Tax were main issues in Council Meeting.
New Delhi, August 24, 2022.

New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) in its Council Meeting held today presided over by Chairperson – NDMC, Shri Bhupinder Singh Bhalla in the presence of Hon’ble MLA & Member NDMC, Shri Virender Singh Kadiyan, Hon’ble Members Shri Kuljeet Singh Chahal, Smt. Vishakha Sailani, Shri Girish Sachdeva and Secretary- NDMC, Shri Vikram Singh Malik considered and approved the various Citizen and employee centric proposals in the agenda items placed before it.

Council considered and approved the following citizen and employee centric proposals of the agenda items placed before the Council.

Conservation & restoration of main Gole Market building as a museum

The project was pending since 2006 due to various litigations. Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of Delhi inspected Gole Market on 16.06.2022 and directed officials to immediately start work on getting the required permissions to start restoration work of the heritage building at the earliest and parallely start work on revamp of the surrounding areas. The theme of the Museum to be decided by the Council. Accordingly Council has given in principle approval for the restoration project at an estimated cost of Rs. Rs.26,71,71,500/-.

The infrastructure estimate comprises of rehabilitation and conservation of Gole Market and redevelopment of surrounding area, construction of service block & subway between Service Block & Gole Market building including Civil work, interior restoration, up-gradation, interior work, plumbing work, electrical, lighting fixtures (internal & external), HVAC, Technology & Multimedia works, Fire Fighting works, etc. The salient features are – Glass Dome Roof Structure at Central Court Yard, Recasting of 1 floor level, Insulated roof structure including false ceiling, Central Air Conditioning, Ornamentals fitting and fixtures, Subway and lifts etc.

Construction of Additional Block in Indira Niketan Working Women Hostel.

NDMC has been running three working girls hostel – Swati Girls Hostel at Mandir Marg, Akanshan Arandhana at Bhagwan Dass Road and Indira Niketan at Brg. Hoshiyar Singh Road.

NDMC is in direct need of land for working girls hostel, but there is acute shortage of space in NDMC area, In view of these circumstances, and ever growing demand of such facilities it was decided that possibility may be explored in the existing working girls hostel to increase the capacity and also to explore possibility for space to construct a new working girls hostel in NDMC area.

It was decided to provide additional block for working women in the existing hostels NDMC had proposed in the Budget for Construction of Additional Block to meet the additional requirement of hostel for working women. It was found suitable to construct additional block in Indira Niketan, as space is available in the complex.

The proposed building is abutting the existing hostel of capacity 208 Nos. Salient features of the proposal are total plot area is 6715.91 sqm wherein old building ground coverage is 852.87 sqm and new building ground coverage will be 521.65 sqm, The existing hostel 4 storied building consisting 208 nos. of beds and the proposed 4 storied building will consist 117 Nos. beds.

 Resolving anomaly in the pay scale of Safal Karamchari

In compliance with the direction dated 28.09.2020 of the Hon’ble CAT(Principal Bench) and in keeping with the Speaking Order dated 26.07.2021. The 5th DTL Pay Scale of Safai Karamchari and Sewerman would be Rs. 3200-85-4985 and 3200-85-5155 respectively. The corresponding 6th DTL pay scales of these two posts will be Rs.6000-20200 + 2000(GP) and Rs.6000-20200 + 2200(GP) respectively, as given in the Annexure to said Office Order dated 27.12.2017.

Policy on licenses of NDMC’s Shops, Kioks, Stalls, Pan Tharas and issues related thereto.

The Estate- Department of NDMC primarily deals with various type of properties like Shops, Kiosks, Stalls, Pan Tharas, Office Units, Office Spaces to Government bodies, Commercial Complexes like Hotels etc.

The matter referred to a Sub-committee to be constituted under Section 9 of the NDMC Act, 1994 for deliberation on the issue and giving suitable recommendations about the policy earlier decided by Council on dated 27.06.2016.

The policy includes renewable of licence, change of trade, transfer of licence on legal heir basis, transfer of licence on partnership basis, clubbing of units, subletting, damage on cancellation and revocation of cancellation of licence, sealing and de-sealing of premises, mutual exchange, security deposit, loft and mezzanine and other conditions.

 Mechanized housekeeping work in various NDMC Buildings

Mechanized cleaning and sweeping work in various NDMC buildings i.e. Talkatora Indore Stadium, Chest & Poly Clinic SBS Marg, Health Complex, Dharam Marg, CPH Moti Bagh, Palika Maternity Hospital, Lodhi Road is proposed in the Council Meeting. The Council was resolved to award the work to lowest bidder.

 Change of Annual Cycle for assessment and collection of property tax from Financial Year 2023-24

The Property Tax Department has placed an agenda before the Council in which presentation/raising of Government bills may be completed 30th April each year. Preparation of Assessment of all lands and buildings in the first quarter of the year and kept at the notify place for inspection and taking extract, public notice not less than one month for inviting general obligation, disposal of all objection and authentication of assessment list and publication with respect to the authentication can be completed till 15th of April each year.

Amendment of assessment list can be made till 15th May every year. Presentation of Private bills can be made 31st May each year. The taxpayers can avail the facility of rebate 10% upto 30th June & thereafter 5% upto September.

Council accorded the principal approval for change of annual assessment and collection of property tax from Financial Year 2023-24.

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