Thursday, May 26, 2022


New Delhi: The police officials of PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi have done conspicuously good & hard work by displaying a rare example of professional aptitude and investigating skill in solving a sensational blind murder case within 48 hours. They solved the blind murder case by using scientific method of investigation with human intelligence and arrested five accused persons, namely 1) Afjal Ansari-aged 45 years, 2) Savjal Ansari-aged 38 years (both brothers), 3) Rasid Ansari-aged 30 years, 4) Mohd. Abrar-aged 27 years and 5) Mohd. Israfil-aged 20 years involved in the blind murder.

BRIEF FACTS: On 07.01.2022, a PCR call was received in PS Sarai Rohilla that a dead body, wrapped in the bed-sheet and tied with ropes was lying at Tikona Park, Inderlok near temple, Delhi. SI Deepak Lohchab, (I/c PP Inderlok) immediately reached at the spot for investigation. A body of a 20-25 years old male wrapped in a bed-sheet with ropes was found. Prima facie, injury marks were cuts on back of neck and hand of the deceased. On personal search of the deceased, some cash, bundle of Bidis, lighter, one face mask etc were found. However, nothing to determine the identity of deceased was recovered.

Sincere efforts were made to identity the deceased. Later, the deceased was identified by his family member as Abhishek r/o Partap Nagar, Delhi, 20 yrs. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 17/22, dated 07.01.2022, u/s 302/201 IPC was registered at PS Sarai Rohilla and investigation was taken up.

TEAM & INVESTIGATION: In view of the seriousness of the incident, multiple police teams led by Inspr. Jeetendra Tiwari (Inspr. L&O), Inspr. Yograj Dalal (Inspr./Inv.), SI Deepak (I/c PP Inderlok), comprising of HC Ram Babu, HC Sandeep, HC Rohit, Ct Amit, Ct Virender, Ct Jitender and Ct Sanoj was constituted under the close supervision of Inspr. Shish Pal, SHO/PS Sarai Rohilla and guidance of Shri Rakesh Kumar Tyagi ACP/Sarai Rohilla, to solve the blind murder and nab the culprits.

During investigation, wife of the diseased was enquired, who stated that on 06.01.2021, she was feeling pain in her stomach so she along with her husband Abhishek (the deceased) left for the nearby clinic, which was found closed so her deceased husband asked her to reach home saying that he would be coming soon but he did not return. It further disclosed that the deceased has criminal history of involvement in about 20 cases of theft/burglary.

The team conducted a technical investigation of the spot of incident as well from the residence of the deceased to find out the movements of the deceased right from his house and get any clue about the incident. During thorough analysis of the CCTV footages, the teams didn’t find any movement of the deceased beyond a Gali at Padam Nagar, Delhi.

The police team members also deployed their local sources to get information about the deceased. It came to notice that the deceased was having some dispute with the accused persons, who had been running a bakery in Padam Nagar, Delhi. Immediately, the police team reached the bakery, where they noticed that the bed-sheets and polythene bags present in the bakery were resembling with the bed-sheets and polythene bags, in which the dead body was found wrapped.

Accordingly, the owner of the bakery shop Afjal Ansari aged 45 years along with his brother Savjal Ansari-aged 38 years (who runs a bakery shop in Khajoori), Rasid Ansari-aged 30 years, Mohd. Abrar-aged 27 years and Mohd. Israfil-aged 20 years were apprehended and interrogated at length. On sustained interrogation, the accused persons confessed about committing murder of the deceased Abhishek, 20 yrs.

One mobile of the deceased Abhishek also recovered from Yamuna River with the help of divers.

During interrogation, the accused persons disclosed that about 1 ½ years ago, they purchased two stolen laptops from the deceased for a sum of Rs. 5,000/-. Thereafter, the deceased (having criminal background) started blackmailing them and extorting money on many occasions under the threat of reporting the purchase of stolen laptops by them to the police. They claimed about being extorted Rs one lacs till that day.

As per the accused persons, the diseased Abhishek again visited their bakery on 06.01.2022 having slit arms and demanded Rs 20,000/- from them. Upon this, the accused persons decided to eliminate him. Accordingly, they took him to the adjoining room and initially tried to convince him that they have no money but the deceased was adamant didn’t listen to them. Hence, they overpowered and strangulated him. Finally, they wrapped the dead-body in a bed-sheet, packed the same and took it to Tikona Park, Inderlok near temple on a Scooter and threw the dead body.

The accused persons Afjal Ansari and Savjal Ansari (both are real brothers), Rasid Ansari and Mohd. Israfil committed the murder of Abhishek and after committing murder, accused Mohd. Abrar assisted them in causing disappearance of evidence.


  1. Afjal Ansari r/o Padam Nagar, Delhi, age-45 years. (He runs a bakery shop and was earlier arrested in a cases under DP Act for recovery of stolen property in September, 2020).
  2. Savjal Ansari r/o Shri Ram Colony, Khajoori, Delhi, age-38 years. (He is real brother of Afjal Ansari and runs bakery shop at Khajoori. He was present at the shop when the deceased arrived. His previous antecedents are being verified).
  3. Rasid Ansari r/o Padam Nagar, Delhi age-30 years. (His previous antecedents are being verified).
  4. Israfil r/o Padam Nagar, Delhi, age-20 years. (His previous antecedents are being verified).
  5. Abrar Ansari r/o Padam Nagar, Delhi age-27 years. (His previous antecedents are being verified).

All the accused persons are permanent r/o District Jamui, Bihar.


  • One mobile of the deceased abhishek recovered from Yamuna River by divers.
  • One Scooter make LML Vespa used in commission of crime.

Further investigation of the case is in progress.

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