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PM Modi’s warning in Telangana rally – corrupt people will not be spared

Nagakurnool (Telangana), Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a rally in Telangana on Saturday, said that the corrupt will not be spared. The PM also sought support from the people of the state to punish the corrupt.

PM Modi accused BRS leader K in the Delhi liquor case. Regarding Kavitha’s arrest, he said that he is promising the people of Telangana that the corrupt will not be spared.

BRS has also partnered with most of the corrupt parties outside the state. Its truth is coming to light every day. BRS is following in the footsteps of Congress.

PM Modi said, “KCR says that India needs a new constitution. Is this not an insult to Baba Saheb?” He alleged that the former Telangana CM betrayed Dalits through the Dalit Bandhu scheme and also went back on his promise that the first CM of Telangana would be a Dalit.

PM Modi further said in his address that parties based on dynasticism will only indulge in corruption. Congress and BRS are partners in scams. Congress did the 2G scam, and BRS did the irrigation scam. Both of them support the land mafia.

PM Modi claimed that the development of Telangana has been the priority of the NDA for the last 10 years. The state is torn between BRS and Congress.

BRS and Congress together shattered the dreams of development of Telangana. Now it is under the control of Congress. Earlier, BRS had looted a lot and now Congress has an evil eye.

The Prime Minister appealed to the people of Telangana to send as many BJP MPs as possible to the Lok Sabha to stop the Congress from acting as per its wish.

PM Modi further said that this time BJP’s lotus should bloom on all Lok Sabha seats. This will help me and also give me a chance to serve you better.

If Telangana sends more BJP MPs to the Lok Sabha, they will be aware of the problems, hopes, and aspirations of the people of the state. He promised that he would work day and night to fulfill their aspirations.

The PM said that the BJP’s votes had doubled in Telangana in the last elections. He expressed confidence that this time the state will give more seats to the party.

The country has already announced that this time it will cross 400. The people of Telangana have also decided on ‘Modi government for the third time’.

PM Modi criticized the Congress government in Telangana for insulting the Dalit Deputy Chief Minister. People of Telangana have seen those pictures. How Congress leaders sat on chairs and SC leaders were made to sit on the ground.

PM Modi alleged that Congress gave nothing to the country except ‘lies’ and ‘loot’ for seven decades, and Congress cannot develop Telangana.

For decades, Congress had the slogan of eradicating poverty, but there was no change in the lives of the poor. Congress used SC, ST and OBC as vote banks. The change came when the country blessed Modi with absolute majority and gave him a chance to serve. Modi’s guarantee is a guarantee of change.

He claimed that for the first time, bank accounts of the poor were opened, they were given houses, toilets, electricity connections, free vaccination and electricity was given to lakhs of villages.

PM Modi called for similar change in Telangana, saying, “25 crore people were lifted out of poverty in the last 10 years.”

He does not need to ensure position and bank balance for his family members because his family belongs to 140 crore people of the country.

He said, “I have been serving people for 23 years. First I did it as CM and now I am doing it as PM. I did not use even a single day for myself. If I have done anything, worked day and night, it was for the 140 crore family members.

All promises have been fulfilled, be it abolishing Article 370, the construction of the Ram Temple, and strengthening the economy. He claimed that bank accounts of one crore people were opened in Telangana while 1.50 crore people were insured.

Mudra loans were given to 67 lakh small traders, and more than 80 lakh people were covered under Ayushman health insurance. The biggest beneficiaries of our government’s welfare schemes are SC, ST, OBC, women, and farmers.

He alleged that these schemes were opposed by Congress, BRS and other corrupt and dynastic parties. PM Modi introduced the BJP candidates from Nagarkurnool, Nalgonda Mahbubnagar, and Secunderabad constituencies and appealed to the people to elect them.


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