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Rahul reminded KCR: You received your education in schools and colleges built by Congress.

Khammam (Telangana), November 17. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday met Telangana Chief Minister and Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS) chief K. Countering Chandrashekhar Rao’s questions, he said that the school and college from which he studied were also built by Congress. Rao had questioned what the Congress has done since independence.

Rahul Gandhi participated in the party’s election campaign in four assembly constituencies on Friday. He claimed that it was Congress which created Telangana state.

Addressing a rally in Pinapaka constituency of Bhadradri Kothagudem district, he said, “The schools and colleges you went to were built by the Congress party. The roads you walk on were built by the Congress.”

He said that it was Congress which developed Hyderabad as the IT capital of the world. “Hyderabad, which has been looted by the Chief Minister for the last 10 years, was made the IT capital of the world by the Congress,” he said.

The Congress MP also claimed that it was the Congress that started the supply of free electricity to the farmers. Countering KCR’s claim that farmers in Telangana are getting 24-hour electricity, he said that only KCR’s house is getting 24-hour electricity. He promised that after coming to power, Congress will ensure 24-hour electricity for farmers.

Reiterating that his relationship with Telangana is not political, Rahul Gandhi said his family has had a relationship with Telangana for generations.

The Congress leader described the November 30 elections as a fight between Dorala (feudal) Telangana and Prajala (people’s) Telangana.

The Congress leader alleged that Rs 100 crore was looted in the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project. He said, “I visited Kaleshwaram. It’s collapsing.”

Rahul Gandhi said that KCR has cheated 20 lakh farmers in the name of land. He promised that after Congress comes to power, they will get back the lands snatched from farmers through Dharani.

The Congress leader also addressed a rally in Narsampet constituency, took out a padayatra and addressed a street meeting in Warangal East constituency.

He reiterated that BRS, BJP and MIM are working together. Expressing confidence that Congress would defeat him, he assured the people that Congress would realize their dream of Telangana.

He said, “KCR established the rule of his family in Telangana but we want to bring the rule of backward classes, Dalits and tribals.” He said that under this, reservation in local bodies will be increased to 42 percent.

Rahul Gandhi also mentioned six guarantees given by the Congress and other key promises made by the party in its manifesto.

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