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Father-Daughter marriage Iran news: Law approved by the Parliament

Father daughter marriage Iran news: Every country has its own different law. The law of this country is quite stringent, But do you know that there is a country where the father can marry his daughter because it is the law of that country. There are instances when father married his own daughter and in Egypt we have seen the case of father-daughter marriage. Even daughter wants to marry dad and in some cases father and daughter getting married and pregnant.

Father can marry his own daughter

Let’s explain you about this country and this strange law in detail.  Actually, this country’s name is Iran (Iran) who lives in the discussion due to his strange laws. There are many such laws, which are surprised to know. But most of the laws surprise that the Father can marry his daughter. In 2013, these laws were approved by parliament and strictly implemented in Iran.

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Father daughter marriage Iran news: According to this law, any father can marry his adopted daughter. But for this, the daughter should be more than 13 years. Not only this, any woman can not even get hands from the non-man. If they are found to be done, then it can also be arrested. 

Father-daughter marriage in Egypt

Actually, some time ago Iran’s female volleyball team won the final match of the Under-23 category of the Global Challenge Tournament. Even after winning the final, he could not get his hand from the male coach of the female player. Although both of them celebrated the win by joining hands through a clipboard.

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Father and daughter getting married and pregnant 

Father and daughter getting married and pregnant actually happened in North Carolina. Here daughter wants to marry her own dad.

At the same time there is no permission to wear women’s tight clothes. At the same time, women can not stop their husband to build relationships. It is very important to wear women’s hijab. If they do not do that, they may be punished for 2 months. Apart from this, only men can divorce women. But women can not divorce men. If the husband does not want his wife work, then the woman can not work. Standing on the road and singing song is also a huge crime.

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