Thursday, October 5, 2023
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Special preparation of BJP to capitalize on the success of G20 Summit

New Delhi. Holding the G20 summit in India is a big achievement for the country and under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India is being celebrated across the world, BJP has made this point to reach every village and every house in the country. Preparations have been done on a large scale.

Actually, the BJP wants to convey a political message to the voters of the country during the election season by taking the success story of a big international meeting like the G-20 to every house.

For this, the BJP has fielded workers from its national leaders to the booth level. BJP wants to publicize the success story of G-20 on a large scale from social media to real ground.

For this, all the state units have been instructed by the party high command that when the G-20 meeting is held in Delhi, it should be telecast live by installing big LEDs across the country. Party leaders have been directed to make special arrangements for live telecasts, especially at district headquarters, mandals, villages and square intersections.

While the message will be conveyed to the people through advertisements in the newspapers, big hoardings will be put up on the major highways of the country.

It is the effort of the BJP to broadcast this meeting live across the country to give a message to the people that Prime Minister Modi is at the forefront of the world’s most powerful leaders and India’s future is secure only under his leadership.

BJP’s strategy regarding the G-20 is clear. The party will propagate the achievements of G-20 across the country through its central ministers, chief ministers of states, ministers, MPs, MLAs, local people’s representatives and the party’s national office bearers to state-level office bearers and booth-level workers.

Considering the expansion, spread and influence of social media, the BJP has made a comprehensive plan to campaign through it. Information and achievements related to the G-20 conference will be made available to the people through every social media platform.

By making short-duration videos of special occasions related to the G-20 conference or important occasions for India, they will not only be shared on various social media platforms but will also be shared with their leaders and workers and trended as much as possible. .

Statements and interviews given by foreign heads of state in favor of India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi will also be publicized and broadcast in the form of short videos or in the form of banners.

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