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India vs India dispute: Reaction given in panic: Rahul Gandhi

Brussels. Terming India vs. India controversy as a “diversion tactic” and a “panic reaction”, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Friday said the government is a little scared and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is “disturbed” to the extent that he is trying to name the country. Wanting to change what is “absurd”.

“I am happy with the names we have in the Constitution. ‘India that is Bharat’ works perfectly for me,” Rahul Gandhi, who is here on a week-long visit to Europe, told a press conference. There is a panic reaction, there is a bit of fear in the government and it is a diversionary strategy.”

He said that the opposition parties “came up with the name India (Indian National Development Inclusive Alliance) for our alliance and it is a great idea because it reflects who we are”.

He said, “We consider ourselves the voice of India so this word works very well for us. But it really bothers the Prime Minister a lot and he wants to rename the country which is absurd.”

Discussing the Manipur violence, he said that his party is in favor of democratic rights and peace and that democratic institutions are under attack in the country.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Our position on Manipur was very clear. I visited Manipur and I feel that we are in favor of democratic rights, harmony and peace among the people.”

He said, “And as Sam Pitroda said, I walked over 4,100 kilometers (in the Bharat Jodo Yatra) for the same purpose (unity and peace) and I think the people of the country feel that the democratic structures and institutional structures The country is being attacked by a group of people who run it. I don’t think anybody is unaware of that. I think anybody who knows India knows that. There are other concerns as well, about which everyone who deals with India these days is well aware.

In response to a question asked about raising the issue of Manipur here, Rahul Gandhi said, “Our fight is for democracy and democracy in India. “It is our responsibility and we will take care of it, and we will ensure that these attacks on our institutions and our freedoms stop.”

He held a roundtable meeting with Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to discuss the human rights situation in Manipur. The meeting was not on the official agenda, so it was held behind closed doors.

According to sources, the meeting went well and Rahul Gandhi was able to raise the issue of human rights in Manipur with the MEP. Members of the European Parliament were reportedly concerned about the situation and expressed their support for the people of the state.

To another question on Kashmir and the role of international diplomacy, the Congress leader said, “Kashmir is an integral part of India, so it is not anyone’s matter except India.”

Rahul Gandhi said, “Our position is very clear and even in a resolution of the CWC we have mentioned it. But I feel that democratic structures and institutions must be protected and the voice of the people must be protected and defended.” There is a need and it is about the whole of India including Kashmir.”

When asked about Pegasus and whether he was still being spied on, he said, “I mean, Pegasus was on my phone, that’s a known fact. I don’t know the details of that.” How I’m tracked, but I’m tracked, I’m sure.”

Rahul Gandhi reached Brussels on 6th September and till 11th September will visit some other countries like France, Netherlands and Norway and participate in many interactive programs and also meet businessmen and NRIs.

He is scheduled to return on September 12 after concluding his visit.

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