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Top advocate Sneha Singh’s entry into Bollywood through her single ‘Lihaaz’

The age of new music has seen the rise of many new talented artistes. One amongst them is lawyer cum singer Sneha Singh who recently has released her debut single Lihaaz with Zee music.

‘Though my profession is black and white who does not want a dash of colour in life and that’s why I decided to pursue my passion in music’ she says with a sparkle in her eye. Lihaaz is composed by Mandeep Panghal  and written by the one and only wordsmith Kumaar and is quickly earning the tag of being a ‘heartbreak’ song especially for women.

‘When I approached Kumaar sir to write the song he told me that the song has to capture the intense emotion and depth of my personality without losing its musical charm and that’s how the word Lihaaz came up’ says the dashing legal eagle.

She further says one should never give up on their dreams no matter how big or small. ‘I have a lot on bucket list that I need to check and this single is certainly one among them. Every day is a blessing and I want to make the best use of it by keep on doing what makes my soul happy’ she adds.

Not only has Sneha lent her vocals to the soulful track, she also features in the music video as an actor teaming up with popular punjabi actor Jim Sharma in the lead role. The video is is directed by Mehul Gadani. Sneha is no stranger to the camera and has acted in her short movie titled ‘Love Birds’ last year with popular actor Adhyayan Suman. The film received rave reviews and also bagged a Filmfare nomination no less! She has also co-produced a short film ‘Silent Echo’ last year which is gaining a lot of international recognition and awards.

Lihaaz is already catching up with the youth and has this young and multi talented lawyer cum singer mighty excited about her future projects.

‘My black and white life will always include a colourful twist every now and then. I want to change the stereotype of how society expects us to be seen, in a dull shade literally! Why get defined only in a particular bracket? I’ve realised that although I enjoy my profession, I shouldn’t stop doing things that fuel me’ she signs off.

Here’s wishing Sneha Singh all the very best for her future projects!

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