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200-year-old gurdwara has been entrusted to Sikhs in Balochistan

People of Sikh community will now be able to perform Ardas in the 200-year-old gurdwara,

The government school was running here for the last 73 years ,On Wednesday, people of the Sikh community offered prayers at Shri Guru Singh Gurdwara. Students studying in government high schools will be admitted to nearby schools. At the beginning of the year too, a 200-year-old temple was handed over to the Hindu community in Zhob.

A 200-year-old gurdwara in Balochistan, Pakistan, has been handed over to the Sikh community.

The government high school was run in the gurudwara for the last 73 years. The News Agency was quoted by officials as saying that on Wednesday, Sri Guru Singh Gurdwara at Mosque Road in Quetta was officially handed over to the Sikh community for prayer and religious ceremonies.

Dinesh Kumar, advisor and parliamentary secretary of the Balochistan Chief Minister’s Minority Affair, said that the gurdwara has been fully restored for the Sikh community.

Market value of gurudwara is in billions of rupees

He said that the market value of this gurudwara built in 14,000 square feet area is worth billions of rupees. Nevertheless the Balochistan government has decided to restore it as a place of worship for the Sikh community. He said that students studying in government high schools would be helped to get admission in nearby schools.

Ardas will be able to do by  2,000 Sikh families

Sardar Jasbir Singh, President of Sikh Community Committee in Balochistan, said that the government has given us a gift by restoring the gurdwara as a religious place. He said that about 2,000 Sikh families live in different parts of Balochistan. This historical gurudwara has special significance for them. Earlier this year also, the government handed over a 200-year-old temple to the Hindu community at Zhob in the province.

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