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Bihar: Angry BJP leaders burnt effigy of Bhutto for making indecent remarks on PM Narendra Modi

Patna| Angered by the objectionable remarks made against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bihar BJP leaders protested on the road and burnt the effigy of Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto.

BJP leaders and workers protesting from the BJP state headquarters reached Income Tax Golambar and burnt the effigy of Bhutto. During this, BJP leaders also raised anti-Pakistan slogans.

Participating in the protest, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Vijay Kumar Sinha said that there is a lot of resentment among the people of Bihar along with the people of the country due to the indecent remarks made against the popular Prime Minister of the country. Narendra Modi has made his own identity in the whole world with his work and thoughts.

He said that the people of India will not tolerate such indecent comments given in jealousy.

Leader of the Opposition in the Bihar Legislative Council Samrat Chowdhary said that Bilawal Bhutto’s petty statement reeks of jealousy. The indecent and indecent statement is an indication of the disgusting mentality of Bilawal Bhutto.

Former BJP state president and former minister Nandkishore Yadav said that Bilawal Bhutto’s statement was made out of desperation. Pakistan should look into its own neck before speaking on India. The condition of the country is pathetic and commenting on India.

BJP’s National Spokesperson and Legislative Councilor Dr. Sanjay Mayukh said that Bilawal Bhutto has exposed the nefarious designs of Pakistan by giving unlimited statements against the Prime Minister of the country.

State General Secretary and Legislative Councilor Devesh Kumar, General Secretary Sanjeev Chaurasia, and Sushil Chaudhary also participated in this program.

Former Bihar minister Nitin Naveen said that Bilawal Bhutto made indecent remarks against the Prime Minister of India to gain cheap popularity. Not only in India, but there is also a lot of anger among the people of the whole world.


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